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The Best Products for Curly Hair

Living Proof Scalp Care, wax sticks, naked infusion, naked moisturizing cream, and foaming lotions are all great products for those with curly or African hair textures. Whether you’re battling dry scalp or looking to tame those flyaways, our curated selection is tested and loved by our stylists and clients alike.

Living Proof Scalp Care: A Miracle for Dry Scalp

Curly hair often requires specific care, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy scalp. One of our favorites at Perfektion Hair Salon is Living Proof Scalp Care. This product is a game-changer for anyone struggling with dry scalp, dandruff, or psoriasis. Not only does it soothe your scalp, but it also provides the relief and comfort you need to keep your curls looking fabulous.

Wax Sticks: Your Secret Weapon Against Flyaways

To manage those stubborn flyaways, wax sticks are an essential tool in our arsenal. At Perfektion Hair Salon, we recommend two brands that stand out:

Naked Infusion 365: The 3-in-1 Solution

For those looking for a multifunctional product, Naked Infusion is the answer. This versatile product acts as a leave-in conditioner, adds sheen, and works as a detangler. It’s perfect for those busy mornings when you need a quick fix to look your best.

Naked Moisturizing Cream: Say Goodbye to Frizz

Another staple for curly hair care is our Naked Moisturizing Cream. Ideal for achieving frizz-free hair, this cream helps enhance the natural beauty of your curls, ensuring they look smooth and lustrous all day long.

  • Typical price: $15

Foaming Lotion: Perfect for Styling Curly Hair

When it comes to styling, foaming lotions are invaluable. At Perfektion Hair Salon, we have a couple of favorites:

  • Narobi Foaming Lotion: Highly popular, especially if you frequent black-owned hair salons. I’ve used this styling foam regularly with my wavy to curly weave. It’s fantastic for a quick refresh – just apply, comb out slightly, and you’re ready to go!
    • Typical Price is $12.35. 
  • Congo Foaming Lotion: We like to call this the ‘orange goodness’ at the salon. Similar to Narobi, it’s beloved for its effectiveness and ease of use.
    • Typical Price is $27.


At Perfektion Hair Salon, we understand the unique needs of curly hair. Each of these products has been selected with the utmost care to ensure that they meet the diverse needs of our clients. From soothing scalps to perfecting styles, these products are sure to elevate your hair care routine. Visit us at Perfektion Hair Salon, and let us help you achieve the beautiful, healthy curls you deserve!

Ready to transform your curly hair care routine and you’re in Houston, Texas? Visit Perfektion Hair Salon in Houston, or contact us to learn more about the best products for curly hair, straight hair, and African hair textures our expert stylists can help you. 

For any questions or to book your next appointment, feel free to reach out:

Location: 10910 Cullen Blvd suite c, Houston, TX 77047
Contact: (832) 874-5070

Thank you for being part of the Perfektion Hair Salon family. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Warm regards,
The Perfektion Hair Salon Team


Come in and let us treat you to the Perfektion experience – where your hair dreams become our mission.

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Transitioning to Grey Hair with Highlights

Aging gracefully often includes making the decision to let natural silver strands shine through. Whether you’re ready to embrace your grey hair fully or prefer a gradual change, blending grey hair with highlights can be a beautiful and stylish option. This guide explores the best techniques for transitioning to grey hair with highlights, ensuring a vibrant and multi-tonal look.

But worry not! Today, we’re here to bridge the gap between hair stylists and clients, bringing clarity and peace (well, at least in the world of hair!). Let’s demystify the tricky lingo and get you well-acquainted with the art of highlights, so by the end of this blog, you’ll not only understand what these terms mean but also how to effectively communicate your hair dreams to your colorist.

Table of Contents

How to Transition to Grey Hair

1. Grow Out Your Grays Gradually

Letting your grey roots grow out naturally can create a seamless transition. As new growth appears, the contrast between grey and previously dyed hair will gradually lessen. This method requires patience, as the full transition can take several months. To maintain a polished look during this period, consider using root touch-up products to camouflage the regrowth.

Want highlights and you’re in Houston, TX?  Get your hair slayed at Perfecktion salon!

2. Get Highlights or Lowlights

Adding highlights or lowlights in shades similar to your natural grey can create a blended, multidimensional look. This technique is particularly effective for those with lighter hair, as it helps integrate the greys more naturally. A professional colorist can strategically place highlights to complement your specific hair color and grey pattern.

3. Cut Your Hair Shorter

Opting for a shorter haircut can speed up the transition process. By trimming off the colored ends, you’ll reveal more of your natural grey growth. This approach is ideal for those seeking a dramatic change and can make the transition faster and more noticeable.

4. Use Blue or Purple Shampoos

Grey hair can sometimes develop unwanted yellow or brassy tones. Blue or purple shampoos and conditioners can help neutralize these hues by depositing cool pigments onto the hair. These products keep your greys looking fresh and bright. Be sure to follow the instructions to avoid over-toning.

5. Embrace Your Grays Confidently

Going grey is a natural part of aging. Embrace your greys with confidence and wear them proudly. Grey hair can be incredibly chic and stylish with the right haircut and styling products. Let go of societal pressures and outdated beauty standards—rock your greys with pride.

Benefits of Transitioning to Grey with Highlights

Adding highlights to grey hair offers several benefits:

  • Enhances Natural Beauty: Softer, lighter tones enhance the natural beauty of grey hair.
  • Blends Grays Seamlessly: Blending techniques create a balanced, blended appearance.
  • Gradual Transition: Highlights allow for a gradual transition to grey, avoiding drastic changes.
  • Reduces Salon Time and Costs: Highlights reduce the frequency of salon visits compared to full hair dye.
  • Adds Dimension and Volume: Highlights add depth and volume, making hair look fuller.

Choosing the Right Highlights

Go 2-3 Shades Lighter

Selecting highlights 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color creates a subtle, blended look with your grey hair. This prevents the highlights from appearing dull against the grey strands.

Use Ash or Beige Tones

Ash and beige tones are ideal for blending with grey hair, as they counteract any unwanted brassiness. Cooler ash tones, in particular, help maintain a natural look.

Face-Framing Highlights and Balayage

Place Highlights Around the Face

Strategically placing highlights around the face brightens your complexion and camouflages grey roots as they grow.

Ask for Balayage Highlights

Balayage is a highlighting technique that creates a soft, natural blend of colors without a stark regrowth line, making it perfect for grey hair.

Consider Glosses or Toners

Using toning glosses or treatments after highlighting can enhance the chosen tone while adding shine and luster to the hair.

Complementary Colors for Grey Hair

Jewel Tones

Rich purples, sapphire blues, and emerald greens add a luxurious look to grey hair. These bold colors create a sophisticated and polished vibe.

Warm Reds, Corals, and Pinks

Warm shades like red, coral, and pink provide a beautiful contrast to grey hair, adding vibrancy and youthfulness.

Plums, Wines, and Burgundies

Deep reddish purples and reds blend seamlessly with grey hair, adding richness and warmth.

Navy Blues and Forest Greens

Navy blues and forest greens offer a striking color combination with ash grey hair, providing depth and sophistication.

Soft Pastels

Dusty pastel shades like pale pinks, blues, and lavenders add a delicate, romantic touch to grey hair.


Shimmery metallics like silvers and pewters enhance the lustrous tones of grey hair, creating a modern, edgy look.

Caring for Grey Hair for African Hair Types

For Black individuals with grey hair, specific care is essential to maintain the health and vibrancy of their hair. Grey hair can be more prone to dryness and coarseness, making it crucial to use the right products and techniques.

Choosing the Right Relaxer for Grey Hair

Not all relaxers are suitable for grey hair. Using the wrong type can lead to undesirable effects, such as yellowing or increased brittleness. It’s important to select a relaxer that is gentle and specifically formulated for grey hair.

One example of a safe choice is using a no-lye relaxer, which is typically milder and less likely to cause yellowing. However, always conduct a patch test and consult with a professional stylist before applying any relaxer to grey hair.

Preventing Yellowing

Using the wrong relaxer or over-processing can turn grey hair yellow. This was the case with my mother, who has beautiful white-grey hair. She used a kid’s relaxer to straighten her hair, and unfortunately, it turned her hair yellow. To prevent this, avoid using products not intended for grey hair and incorporate a blue or purple shampoo into your routine to neutralize any yellow tones.


Perfecting Your Grey Hair Highlights at Perfektion Hair Salon


The decision to transition to grey hair with highlights is deeply personal. Whether you opt for subtle changes or bold transformations, working with a trusted stylist can help you achieve the look that best suits your style and preferences.

At Perfektion Hair Salon in Houston TX, we believe a thorough consultation is key to achieving the perfect result. We encourage you to bring photos and describe your desired outcome in detail, which helps us tailor our techniques to suit your individual style.

As you explore the world of highlights, remember that combining different techniques can create a truly personalized look that reflects your unique beauty. We’re here to guide you through each choice and ensure you shine with confidence.

Thank you for joining us on this detailed journey into the art of greying and hair highlighting. Whether you’re a seasoned salon-goer or new to the world of hair coloring, we at Perfektion Hair Salon are excited to help you achieve your dream hair. Ready to transform your look? Book your appointment today and let’s create magic together!


Is it better to have highlights when going grey? Highlights can help blend new grey growth, making the transition less noticeable.

How do salons transition to grey hair? Salons use techniques like highlights, lowlights, toners, and gradual lightening to transition to grey hair.

What do highlights do to grey hair? Highlights add dimension and contrast, making grey hair look more vibrant and youthful.

Is it better to go lighter or darker to cover grey hair? This depends on your skin tone and personal preference. Consult with a stylist to determine the best option for you.

How often do I need to touch up my grey hair highlights? Touch-ups are generally needed every 6-8 weeks, depending on hair growth rate and contrast between natural color and highlights.

Can I dye my hair after getting highlights to cover the grey completely? Yes, but consult a professional stylist to avoid damage and maintain highlight integrity. Dyeing may require more frequent maintenance than highlights.

Will highlights damage my hair? When done correctly, highlights should not cause significant damage. Use high-quality hair care products and avoid excessive heat styling to maintain healthy hair.

Embracing your grey hair with highlights can be a beautiful and empowering journey. With the right techniques and colors, you can achieve a look that is both stylish and uniquely you.


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Short Hair Styles for Women

The Chic Guide to Short Hairstyles for Women: Find Your Perfect Cut!

Welcome to your ultimate style refresh! If you’re considering the leap into the world of short hairstyles or just looking for a new twist on your cropped locks, you’re in the right place. Short hair is more than just a trend; it’s a statement—a perfect blend of practicality and daring. Whether you’re contemplating a bold pixie cut, a chic bob, or something uniquely you, let’s dive into the exciting world of short hairstyles for women and discover which style resonates with your personality and lifestyle.

1. Pixie Cut: Bold and Beautiful

The pixie cut is a classic option for those who want low maintenance but high style. This cut is not only timeless but also versatile, suitable for various hair types and face shapes. You can style a pixie sleek and smooth or tousled and edgy with just a few styling products. It’s perfect for women who want to highlight their facial features and enjoy an effortlessly chic look every day.

Styling Tip: Use a bit of pomade or wax to add texture to your pixie for a modern, edgy look.

2. Bob: The Evergreen Choice

Bobs have been a go-to hairstyle for decades, and for good reason. They can be customized in length—from micro bobs that hover around the jawline to longer, shoulder-grazing cuts. Bobs work wonderfully on all hair textures and with various styling techniques, whether you prefer a sleek, straight look or wavy, voluminous locks.

  • Styling Tip: For a soft, wavy bob, use a curling iron on low heat to create waves, then brush them out for a natural, breezy look.

Layered Bob

For many women, the bob can range from a classic straight cut to a more textured, layered style, depending on hair type and personal preference. Here are a few popular variations: Classic Straight Bob: This timeless style is characterized by a blunt cut that falls anywhere between the chin and just above the shoulders. It often features a straight-across cut at the ends, providing a sleek and sophisticated look. This style works well with fine to medium hair textures and can be parted on the side or in the middle.
Layered Bob: Perfect for those with thicker or wavier hair, the layered bob introduces various lengths within the cut to create movement and reduce bulk. This type of bob can add volume to fine hair and manageability to thick hair.
Textured Wavy Bob: A wavy bob with added texture is ideal for those with natural waves or who like to style their hair with curls. Using a curling iron or sea salt spray can enhance the texture, making this style look effortless and chic.

Bob on African-Americans

Sleek Bob: Many African American women opt for a sleek bob with relaxed or straightened hair. This style is elegant and manageable, often cut to lie flat with a precise, sharp line that emphasizes the face beautifully. It can also be achieved with a silk press, giving natural hair a smooth and lustrous finish without permanent alteration. Curly Bob: For those embracing their natural curls, a curly bob can be a fantastic way to show off the hair's natural volume and texture. This style usually incorporates layers to help shape the curls and keep them from becoming too bulky or overwhelming. Asymmetrical Bob: An asymmetrical bob, where one side is longer than the other, is a bold and trendy choice that adds an edge to the traditional bob. This style can be particularly striking when paired with textured hair, whether it's styled straight or curly.

3. Buzz Cut: Embrace the Ultra-Short

For the truly daring, the buzz cut is a striking look that stands out in any crowd. It’s more than just a hairstyle; it’s a bold statement of confidence and individuality. The buzz cut is incredibly easy to care for and a perfect canvas to experiment with hair colors that you might have been hesitant to try with longer locks.

  • Styling Tip: Maintain the fresh look of your buzz cut with regular trims and indulge in scalp treatments to keep your scalp healthy.

Asymmetrical Cut: Edgy and Artistic

Asymmetrical cuts, where one side is longer than the other, can add an interesting dimension to your hair styling routine. This cut is ideal for those who enjoy a bit of flair and quirkiness in their look. It works well with both straight and curly hair and can be adapted to suit most face shapes.

  • Styling Tip: Keep your asymmetrical cut looking sharp with regular salon visits to maintain the shape and length differential.

But Wait, There Are More Edgy Examples!

Curly Shag: Perfectly Undone

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, a curly shag can be a fantastic choice to bring out the best in your texture. This style is all about layers and volume, providing a fun, youthful vibe that is as carefree as it is stylish.

  • Styling Tip: Use a curl-enhancing cream or mousse to define your curls and add volume without the frizz.


Embracing Your Short Hair

Short hairstyles for women are empowering. They’re a declaration of freedom and personal style. Whether you’re making the chop for convenience, a bold new look, or a declaration of a new phase in life, there’s a short hairstyle to match every woman’s taste.

At Perfektion Hair Salon in Houston, Texas, we specialize in transforming your hair dreams into stunning reality, especially when it comes to short hairstyles. Whether you’re maintaining your signature look or daring to go bold with a complete makeover, we have the perfect styling solutions for you. Let’s explore the trendy options waiting for you at Perfektion Hair Salon, complete with opportunities to visualize your potential new look with images of each style!

Routine Style & Cut – $85.00

For those who prefer a consistent, polished look, our Routine Style & Cut is your ideal match. This service is specially designed for short hair maintenance, including a relaxer retouch, refreshing shampoo, custom styling, and precision cutting. Keep your look sharp and sophisticated with our expert touch.

  • Visual Inspiration: Imagine a sleek bob or a textured pixie that frames your face beautifully. See Examples

Book Now – Routine Style & Cut

Short Hair Shampoo & Style – $65.00

If you’re looking for a simple refresh, our Short Hair Shampoo & Style is perfect for a quick boost. At just $65, enjoy a professional shampoo and a stylish set that enhances your natural beauty, keeping your short hair flawless and ready for any occasion.

  • Style Gallery: Picture yourself in a soft wave or a chic, slicked-back style. View Styles

Book Now – Short Hair Shampoo & Style

Cut It All Off – $150.00

Ready for a daring change? Our ‘Cut It All Off’ package offers a transformative experience. This option includes everything you need to start fresh: a relaxer, precision cut, shampoo, and a custom style. It’s perfect for those wanting to debut a Big Chop or craft a brand-new short hairstyle from scratch.

  • Before and After Gallery: Get inspired by transformations from long tresses to enchanting short cuts. Explore Transformations

Book Now – Cut It All Off

Why Choose Short Hair?

Choosing a short hairstyle isn’t just a style decision; it’s a lifestyle change that comes with numerous benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance: Short hair cuts down on styling time and is perfect for the busy woman on the go.
  • Healthier Hair: Less hair means less damage and fewer split ends, keeping your hair healthier.
  • Bold Statement: Short hair makes a bold statement of confidence and individuality.

Embracing Your New Look

At Perfektion Hair Salon, we’re not just about haircuts; we’re about creating a look that enhances your confidence and complements your lifestyle. Our experienced stylists are here to guide you through choosing the perfect short hairstyle, considering your face shape, hair texture, and personal style.

Ready to Transform Your Look?

Book your appointment today and let us treat you to a luxurious styling experience. With our expert stylists and commitment to perfection, you’re guaranteed to step out feeling fabulous and refreshed.

Book Your Appointment Now

Join us at Perfektion Hair Salon, where your new short hairstyle awaits – chic, effortless, and perfectly you!

Catch you at Perfektion, sis. Let’s keep slaying together!

For any questions or to book your next appointment, feel free to reach out:
Customer Support & Sales: (832)874-5070
Perfektion Hair Salon
10910 Cullen Blvd Suite C
Houston, Tx 77047

Come in and let us treat you to the Perfektion experience – where your hair dreams become our mission.
Perfektion Hair Salon – 10910 Cullen Blvd S

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Glue-on vs Sew-in Quick Weave, Which Is Better For You?

sew-in quick weave hairstyle
Glue-on quick weave hairstyle

What's a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a popular hair weaving technique that allows you to quickly change your hairstyle without making a long-term commitment.

It involves attaching hair extensions to your natural hair to create a desired look.

Quick weaves are a convenient option for those who want to experiment with different styles or add volume and length to their hair.

Alright, gorgeous! Let’s explore the two popular types that reign supreme in the world of quick weaves!

Glue-On Quick Weave

Enter the realm of glue-on quick weaves, where adhesive prowess meets style finesse!

With this method, hair extensions are glued to a protective wig cap before it is bonded to your scalp,  demanding precision and meticulous application for a secure bond.

Glue-on quick weave hairstyle

Pros of Glue-On Quick Weave

  • Swift Application: Glue-on quick weaves are typically quicker to apply compared to sew-in weaves. If you’re short on time or want a temporary style for a special occasion, a glue-on quick weave may be the ideal choice. 


  • Versatility: With glue-on quick weaves, you have more flexibility in terms of styling options. You can easily create various hairdos, including up-dos, ponytails, and braids etc. it allows for limitless creativity. Whether you’re attending a formal event or hitting the gym, your style options remain endless.


  • Easy Removal: Bid farewell to your glue-on quick weave effortlessly. You can use a special adhesive remover to dissolve the glue and gently glide the extensions out of your hair. This makes it easy to transition between styles. No more tugging or pulling, just smooth and hassle-free removal.

Cons of Glue-On Quick Weave

Potential for Natural Hair Damage:  Improper application or removal of glue may pose risks to your natural hair’s health, hun!. The adhesive used can sometimes lead to breakage or hair loss if it’s not handled carefully. 

Perfektion hair salon, we use the best products and have the best professional stylists. So, If you need a glue-on quick weave that will not damage your natural hair, click the link to book now. 

Sew-In Quick Weave

Now, let’s explore the sew-in quick weaves, where precision stitching meets enduring elegance!

This method involves utilizing a needle and thread to secure hair extensions onto a braided foundation crafted with your natural hair, ensuring a steadfast hold.

sew-in hairstyle

Pros of Sew-In Quick Weave:

  • Long-lasting: Sew-in quick weaves are known for their longevity. The tight stitching of the extensions onto the braided foundation ensures that the hair will stay in place for an extended period of time. This is especially beneficial if you prefer a low-maintenance hairstyle.


  • Minimal damage: Compared to glue-on quick weaves, sew-in quick weaves are generally less damaging to your natural hair. This is because the braided foundation distributes the weight of the extensions evenly, reducing the risk of breakage or traction alopecia.


  • Natural look and feel: Sew-in quick weaves can create a more natural appearance compared to glue-on options. The stitching technique allows the hair extensions to blend with your natural hair, resulting in a realistic look.


Cons of Sew-In Quick Weave

  • Longer application time: The process of installing sew-in quick weaves takes more time and effort compared to glue-on techniques. This can be a drawback if you’re looking for a quick and easy transformation.


  • Limited styling options: While sew-in quick weaves provide a secure hold, they can limit your styling options. 

Get your sew-in quick weave at Perfektion hair salon. Click the link to book now.

Factors to consider when choosing between glue-on and sew-in quick weaves

When torn between glue-on and sew-in quick weaves, contemplate these crucial factors:

  • Hair Texture and Type: Think about how your natural hair texture and type will interact with each method. Because while glue-on quick weaves may offer a more secure hold for thicker hair types, sew-in quick weaves could be gentler on finer or fragile hair.


  • Lifestyle and Activity Level: Consider your lifestyle and daily activities when deciding between the two techniques. Glue-on quick weaves are generally more convenient for those with an active lifestyle, as they require less maintenance and allow for more versatility in styling. Sew-in quick weaves, on the other hand, may be preferred if you are willing to spend more time on maintenance and want a style that can withstand rigorous activities.


  • Desired Duration: Determine how long you intend to keep your hairstyle. If you’re seeking a temporary transformation for a special event or prefer frequent style changes, a glue-on quick weave might be more suitable. But if you’re looking for a longer-lasting style that requires little maintenance, a sew-in quick weave could be the way to go.


  • Budget: This is one factor to really give a lot of thought when choosing between the two methods. Glue-on quick weaves are more affordable because they require only a little initial investment but sew-in quick weaves are more cost-effective in the long run because they last longer and do not require a lot of maintenance.


  • Hair Health and Damage: Prioritize the health of your natural hair when making your decision. If you have concerns about potential damage or breakage, opt for the method that offers the least risk to your hair health. Consulting with a professional stylist can provide valuable insights into the best approach for your specific hair needs.


  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Are you willing to invest time and effort into maintaining your hairstyle? Although both glue-on and sew-in quick weaves require some level of maintenance, the frequency and complexity of upkeep may vary between the two methods. So, choose the option that aligns with your lifestyle and styling preferences.

Safety concerns and risks associated with glue-on and sew-in quick weaves

Girl, safety and risks associated with glue-on and sew-in quick weaves are important factors to consider when deciding between the two techniques. Here’s why 

  • Allergic reactions: Some people may have sensitivities or allergies to the adhesive used in glue-on quick weaves. It’s important to do a patch test before applying the glue to your entire scalp to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions. Sew-in quick weaves, on the other hand, do not involve the use of adhesive, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions.


  • Damage to natural hair: As mentioned earlier, improper application or removal of glue-on quick weaves can lead to damage, breakage, or even hair loss. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and seek professional help if you’re unsure about the process. Sew-in quick weaves, when done correctly and maintained properly, pose less risk to your natural hair.


  • Scalp irritation: The chemicals and adhesives used in glue-on quick weaves may cause scalp irritation in some people. It’s essential to listen to your body and remove the quick weave if you experience any discomfort or allergic reactions. Sew-in quick weaves do not involve direct contact with the scalp, reducing the risk of irritation

At Perfektion hair salon, all these factors are what we consider before recommending or styling your hair. Want to find out yourself?

Final Verdict For Both Methods

Glue-on quick weaves provide quick and convenient installation, allowing for versatile styling options.

They can create a seamless and natural-looking result if applied correctly. But, they come with a higher risk of damage to your natural hair and scalp, along with the potential for allergic reactions and irritation.

On the other hand, sew-in quick weaves are a safer option overall, as they do not involve the use of adhesive.

They provide a more secure and long-lasting result and are less likely to cause damage or hair loss. Sew-in quick weaves also offer the flexibility to switch up hairstyles while maintaining the health of your natural hair.

Ultimately, the better option for you will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and willingness to invest time and effort into maintenance.

If you prioritize convenience and are willing to take the necessary precautions to protect your hair and scalp, a glue-on quick weave may be suitable for you.

But, if you prioritize the health and longevity of your natural hair, a sew-in quick weave is a safer and more reliable choice.




So hun!, when deciding between a glue-on quick weave and a sew-in quick weave, all these factors should be considered.

It is important to remember that whether you choose a glue-on or a sew-in quick weave, proper installation, maintenance, and removal are crucial.

So, consult with a professional hairstylist who has experience with both methods before making a decision. 

And for that, you do not need to search too much. Perfektion hair salon has the best professional stylists for any type of quick weave you desire. Click the link to book a service today.

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10 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Natural hairstyles celebrate the diverse textures and beauty of black women’s hair. Whether you’re rocking your curls, coils, or kinks, there’s a myriad of easy, yet stunning hairstyles to explore. From chic updos to playful twists, we’ve curated a list of 10 effortlessly stylish natural hairstyles that you can rock with confidence. Let’s dive in and discover your next go-to look!

braids hairstyle
silk press natural hairstyle
twists natural hairstyle

1. Braids

For centuries, braided hairstyles have been a go-to option for black women. But they have increased in popularity over the years.

Braids protect your hair from damage and also offer endless styling possibilities. From simple and elegant box braids or a more complex pattern like feed-in braids or the one in this Instagram video, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Additionally, braids gives you room to express your artistic style.

So, whichever type of braids you opt for, braided hairstyles are a tried-and-true favourite.

Braid hairstyle
braids hairstyle
braids hairstyle

Love what you see? Get your yours at Perfecktion salon.

2. Twists for Black Women

Twists are a popular natural hairstyle that can be styled in various ways to achieve a chic and fashionable look.

Examples of styles you can choose when it comes to twists include two-strand twists, three-strand twists, twist-outs or even more intricate twists like Senegalese or Havana twists.

Twists can be worn loose or pulled back into an up-do, allowing you to switch up your look based on your mood or the occasion.

Furthermore, twists are protective, they help maintain the health and length of your natural hair.

twist natural hairstyle
twists natural hairstyle

3. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a unique and chic hairstyle that originated from the Bantu people of Southern Africa.

To create this look, divide your hair into small sections and twist each section tightly, forming a small knot close to the scalp.

Bantu knots can be worn as a stylish updo, or by unravelling them to reveal gorgeous curls or waves. This hairstyle works well on both short and long hair and adds a unique flair to your overall look.

If you’re in Houston and want this hair style or if you’re just curious about the average price click here

bantu knot natural hairstyle
bantu knot natural hairstyle

4. Corn Rows

Cornrows are a traditional and iconic hairstyle for black women that was passed down through generations. This hairstyle involves braiding the hair close to the scalp in neat rows, creating a beautiful pattern. Cornrows can be worn in various styles, from simple straight-back rows to more elaborate designs with detailed patterns and embellishments. Wearing cornrows have a lot of benefits especially for black women.

Firstly, they are protective. They help to keep your hair tucked away and minimize manipulation which can lead to breakage and damage. Additionally, cornrows do not require  a lot of maintenance.

So if you prefer to spend less time on your hair, cornrow hairstyle may be the best choice for you.

cornrow natural hairstyle
cornrow natural hairstyle

5. Locs

Locs, also known as dreadlocks, are a unique and beautiful natural hairstyle that has gained popularity among black women.

While many people associate locs with a more bohemian or hippie look, they can be styled in various ways. You can experiment with different updos, and braids, or add accessories like beads or shells to make it appear different and stand out.

Locs protect your hair. And with proper care and maintenance, they can last for years.

Also, they don’t require the application of excessive heat styling or chemical treatments which help maintain the health and length of your hair.

It’s a great natural hairstyle choice especially if you don’t want extensions.

Locs natural hairstyle
Locs natural hairstyle

6. Weaves And Sew-ins

This write-up wouldn’t be complete without weaves and sew-ins.

Weaves and sew-ins are popular among black women with relaxed or natural hair and give you the ability to wear everyday hairstyles while protecting your hair.

It is suitable for any occasion but if you plan on getting your hair wet, you should choose human hair and ensure that your scalp is fully dry to avoid mould buildup.

weaves and sew-in hairstyle
weaves and sew-ins hairstyle

Want any of these hairstyles and you’re in Houston? Click the big purple button!

7. Silk Press

If you want to switch up your look and have a sleek and straight hairstyle without the use of harsh chemicals, a silk press is the perfect option. 

This hairstyle involves using a flat iron to straighten your natural hair while keeping it smooth and shiny. You can switch back to your natural curls whenever you want by simply washing your hair and reverting to your regular natural hair care routine.

Remember to protect your silk press at night by wrapping your hair in a satin or silk scarf to maintain sleekness and prevent moisture loss if you decide this is the next hairstyle for you.

silk press natural hairstyle

8. Cuts

If you love the freedom and simplicity of short hair, then the stylish cut is for you.

This hairstyle involves embracing your natural texture and rocking a short, cropped haircut.

It is protective,  low maintenance and can be styled in various ways to suit your preferences.

You can keep it simple,  let your personality shine with curls or rock a bold cut pattern. 

short cut hairstyle

9. Afros

The afro is a timeless and iconic hairstyle that celebrates the natural texture of black hair.

The afro is not only a statement of self-expression but also a symbol of black pride and heritage.

It can be achieved by allowing the hair to grow out and using a wide-tooth comb or pick to create your desired look.

Add a touch of gel to create any style you desire. And honey, don’t forget to use moisturizer to enhance its natural shine and prevent frizz.

Afro hairstyle

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These natural hairstyles for Black women are not only stylish but also celebrate the beauty and versatility of natural hair textures. But they are just a few among the many hairstyles for your natural hair.

Remember, experimenting with different styles and techniques can help you discover what works best for your hair type and lifestyle.

So queen, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new – you might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

If you’re looking to try something new,  Perfection Salon offers an array of hairstyles and hairstyling that works for your hair, natural or relaxed.

Click the link below to book an appointment.

Connect With Us

Perfektion isn’t just the best black hair salon in Houston; it’s a lifestyle, honey. From their top-tier hair products to the merch that lets us wear our salon pride on our sleeves (literally), they’ve got us covered. So, if you’re ready to step up your hair game and your wardrobe, head over to Perfektion’s online store. Trust me, you’ll leave looking and feeling like royalty.

Catch you at Perfektion. Let’s keep slaying together!

For any questions or to book your next appointment, feel free to reach out:

Come in and let us treat you to the Perfektion experience – where your hair dreams become our mission.

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Safe Hair Relaxers with Perfektion Hair Salon, Houston’s Best

Safe Hair Relaxers with Perfektion Hair Salon, Houston's Best

Hey, queens! Let’s talk about a topic that’s as essential as our morning coffee – keeping our hair healthy, especially when we’re talking relaxers. With so many options out there, it’s crucial to know which hair relaxers are safe for our beautiful textures. And who better to guide us than Perfektion Hair Salon, widely recognized as the best black hair salon in Houston? They’ve got the lowdown on relaxers that not only smooth out our strands but also keep them strong and luscious.


The Safe Relaxers You Need to Know About

When it comes to relaxers, not just any product will do. It’s all about finding that perfect match that respects and nourishes our hair. Perfektion Hair Salon swears by these game-changers:

Silk Elements Olive Oil Regular Relaxer

Silk Elements Olive Oil Regular Relaxer

This baby is all about keeping things sleek without stripping away moisture. It's your go-to for maintaining that balance between straight and hydrated.

Silk Elements Shea Butter Regular Relaxer

Silk Elements Shea Butter Mild Relaxer

Got sensitive scalp issues? Say no more. This relaxer is formulated to gently smooth your locks, thanks to the soothing power of shea butter.

ORS Olive Oil Extra Strength Relaxer

Olive Oil Creme Relaxer Extra Strength

For the queens with coils that need a bit more convincing, this is your knight in shining armor. It's designed for those tougher textures, providing extra strength without the harshness.

What Hair Textures Need What

Understanding your hair’s needs is key to choosing the right relaxer. If your hair is more on the loose coil side or you’re just looking to tame those edges, the milder options like the Shea Butter Mild Relaxer are perfect for you. For my ladies with thicker, more resistant textures, the Olive Oil Creme Relaxer Extra Strength will give you that sleekness you crave without the compromise.


4C Hair

You could use a stronger relaxer like the ORS olive oil extra strength for this hair type.

Afro hairstyle

4B Hair

For 4B and 4A hair textures, the regular and mild relaxers will do.

Relaxed hair

Beyond Relaxers: Perfektion's Magic Touch in Houston

At Perfektion Hair Salon, it’s not just about the relaxer; it’s about the complete experience. They offer a range of services tailored to relaxed hair, ensuring you walk out feeling nothing short of fabulous:

  • Relaxer on Hairline – $15.00: Perfect for keeping those edges laid and slayed.
  • Roller Set – $65.00: For bouncy curls that speak volumes.
  • Spiral Rod Set – $75.00: Get those flawless spirals that last for days.
  • Wand Curls – $70.00: Add some magic to your mane with these enchanting curls.
  • Shampoo and Style/Flat Iron – $65.00: This service is exclusively for the relaxed hair divas, giving you that sleek, flawless finish.
  • Virgin Relaxer – $135.00: Starting from scratch? This all-inclusive package transforms natural hair to fully relaxed, complete with a trim and style.
  • Relaxer Retouch – $95.00: Keep your growth in check with a touch-up that includes a trim and style to keep your hair looking fresh.
Black girl with relaxed hair

Why Perfektion Hair Salon is Houston's Crown Jewel

t’s not just their expertise in relaxers that makes Perfektion the best black hair salon in Houston. It’s their dedication to understanding each client’s unique hair journey and providing personalized care that truly sets them apart. From the moment you walk in, you’re treated like royalty, because they know just how precious your crown is.

So, whether you’re looking to switch up your look, maintain your mane, or simply indulge in a bit of self-care, Perfektion Hair Salon is your sanctuary. Ready to experience the Perfektion difference? Book your appointment today and let’s get those locks looking luscious!

Remember, ladies, the key to beautiful hair is not just the products we use but the hands we trust our crowns with. And at Perfektion Hair Salon, you’re in the best hands in Houston.


For any questions or to book your next appointment, feel free to reach out:

Customer Support & Sales: (832)874-5070
Perfektion Hair Salon
10910 Cullen Blvd Suite C
Houston, Tx 77047

Come in and let us treat you to the Perfektion experience – where your hair dreams become our mission.
Perfektion Hair Salon – 10910 Cullen Blvd S

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The Silk Press Guide

Hey, beauties! It’s time to dive deep into the world of hair, where sleek, shiny tresses aren’t just a dream but a reality. Today, we’re unpacking everything you need to know about the silk press – that game-changing styling technique that has been turning heads and elevating hair games all over. And guess what? At Perfektion Salon, we’re serving up this luxury with a side of flawless. So, let’s get into it!

What is a Silk Press?

Imagine your natural hair transformed into a smooth, shiny cascade of silk – that’s the silk press for you. It’s a modern take on the traditional press and curl, where we use a flat iron to straighten your natural locks, achieving that oh-so-desirable sleek look without any chemicals. It’s pure magic for our natural queens looking for versatility without compromise.

DIY: How to Do a Silk Press at Home?

Feeling adventurous? Here’s a quick guide to achieving a silk press from the comfort of your home:

  • Start with a Clean Slate: Use a clarifying shampoo to remove any buildup, followed by a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Deep Condition: This step is non-negotiable. Hydrate and nourish your strands with a deep conditioning treatment.
  • Protect: Before you apply any heat, make sure to use a heat protectant to shield your hair from potential damage.
  • Blow Dry: Get your hair as straight as possible with a blow dryer – the smoother, the better.
  • Flat Iron: Work in small sections and use a high-quality flat iron to get that silky perfection. Keep the temperature in check to avoid heat damage.

Here’s a video that will help you visualize the process:

Maintaining Your Silk Press

To keep your silk press looking salon-fresh, wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin scarf. Avoid water and humidity (we know, easier said than done!), and use a dry shampoo if needed to keep your roots fresh and voluminous.

How Often Should You Get One?

Listen to your hair, honey. Generally, a silk press can last up to two weeks, but to maintain the health of your hair, we recommend spacing out your appointments. Every 3-4 months is a good rule of thumb to prevent heat damage.

What Products Should You Use?

The key to a long-lasting silk press is in the products. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos, hydrating conditioners, lightweight oils, and, most importantly, a top-notch heat protectant.

Perfektion Salon’s Silk Press Packages

Now, for the main event. At Perfektion Salon, we’re not just doing silk presses; we’re elevating them. Check out our tailored packages:

  • Silk Press Blow-Out ($85.00): The classic transformation with a shampoo and straightening session.
  • Diamond Silk Press ($105.00): Choose between a steam treatment or ends trimmed, plus everything in the Silk Press Blow-Out.
  • The Works: Silk Press Blowout ($125.00): The ultimate package with shampoo, steam treatment, and ends trimmed.
  • Avlon Amino-Acid Smoothing/Texture Release Treatment (Starting at $200.00): Extend the life of your silk press while keeping those curls intact.

Ready to book? Click here to make your appointment and step into your silk press era with Perfektion Salon. We’re not just doing hair; we’re perfecting it. See you at the salon, where your hair dreams meet our expertise.

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Discover the Best Hair Care Bonnets and Stylish Merch at Perfektion – Your Top Black Hair Salon in Houston

If you’re looking for a high quality and cute bonnet to protect your hair, you’re in the right place.

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Best Wigs For Black Women

Hey, beautiful souls! Ever felt the urge to switch up your look with minimal effort but maximum impact?

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Houston’s Top Spot for Black Hair Magic


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