In 2024, enhancing your eyelashes can significantly boost your beauty routine. Whether you prefer a full, dramatic look or a more subtle charm, there’s an array of lash options to explore. Here’s your guide to the best eyelashes on the market, where to buy them, and the best places to get them installed.

  1. Luxurious Mink Lashes

What’s Hot: Mink lashes are favored for their natural, fluffy look and lightweight feel. Cruelty-free and ethically sourced options are trending this year.

Where to Buy: High-end brands like Lilly Lashes and Sephora offer premium mink lashes for $20 to $30. You can also buy similar lashes online from places like Perfektion hair salon and Matt Lashes.

Best Places for Installation: If you have money to spend like that visit specialized lash studios such as Amazing Lash Studio or upscale spas to get these expertly applied. You could also go to a nail shop that has eyelash extensions as a service too.

  1. Silk Eyelash Extensions

What’s Hot: Silk lashes offer a balance between a natural and voluminous look, known for their lightness and flexibility.

Where to Buy: Professional silk lashes are available from Xtreme Lashes and Blink Lash Store, costing between $25 and $40.

Best Places for Installation: Opt for reputable lash salons that specialize in silk extensions for long-lasting results.

  1. Perfektion Synthetic Lashes for Dramatic Flair

What’s Hot: Synthetic lashes allow for bold, dramatic expressions and come in various lengths and densities.

Where to Buy: Affordable options are available at drugstores from brands like Ardell and Eylure, typically under $10.

Best Places for Installation: For a professional touch, get these applied at a beauty salon.

  1. Magnetic Lashes for Easy Application

What’s Hot: Magnetic lashes are perfect for those who prioritize convenience, with finer magnets and more natural styles available this year. We love these because their reusable and you don’t have to worry about accidently ripping out your natural eyelashes along with the strip if you’re using regular glue. Just use magnetic eyeliner instead.

Where to Buy: These can be purchased from Ulta or Amazon, with prices ranging from $15 to $50.

Best Places for Installation: Although designed for home application, some makeup counters will demonstrate proper application techniques.

The Tea on a Bargan Deal

I was able to go to a nail salon—an Asian owned salon in the middle of Houston—and get a beautifully done full eyelash extension service that lasted just as long as the professional services at Amazing Lash Studio, which are so prevalent in many states. However, it was only $30 compared to the $100+ dollar eyelash extension service. Not every eyelash place is made equally. Sometimes people charge to get the strip lashes installed, which honestly, I wouldn’t recommend going to a professional for that. You’ll probably just wind up being disappointed like I was. Just learn how to do it yourself.

Final Thoughts

The beauty industry in 2024 offers a variety of eyelash enhancements that cater to every style and budget. Remember to research and choose a reputable installer when going for professional applications, especially for individual extensions. Always ensure the technician is certified and the products used are safe to prevent any damage to your natural lashes. Enjoy exploring these lash trends!

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