Hey, fabulous queen!

Who says short hair can’t slay?

Natural hairstyles for black girls with short hair are not just stylish—they’re a whole vibe! Whether you’re rocking a small afro or strutting with a chic pixie cut, it’s all about embracing your unique self.

That said, in this guide, we’ll be looking at 17 stylish natural hairstyles that’ll have you feeling confident and empowered.

Without further adieu, let’s get started.


Tips for Styling Short Natural Hair

Before we jump into the meat of the post, here are some quick tips to keep your short natural hair looking fly:

Hydration is everything: Keep your hair moisturized with regular deep conditioning sessions and hydrating products.

Protective styles for the win: Switch it up with protective styles like twists, braids, and updos to keep your hair healthy and promote growth.

Love Your Scalp: Show your scalp some love by keeping it clean and moisturized to avoid dryness and flakes.

Embrace Your Texture: Your natural hair texture is beautiful—embrace it! Work with your curls and kinks to create stunning hairstyles.

Now, let’s look at the natural hairstyles for black queens rocking short hair:

1. TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)


The TWA is a timeless classic that screams confidence. You can rock it with curls or a sleek tapered cut.

And the best part is, any shape of face can wear afro confidently with pride.

To style your TWA, start with clean, conditioned hair. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner or styling cream to define those curls, then use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to shape your hair.

2. Finger Coils

Finger coils are all about enhancing your natural curl pattern and adding some serious texture to your short hair.

To get it right, simply apply a curl-defining product to damp hair and twirl small sections around your fingers to create coils.

finger coils hairstyle

3. Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. There are two ways to style and rock this style.

If you don’t mind shaving a part of your hair, then this is for you. Shave the sides of your hair and style the center section up or to the side for a fierce and powerful look.

But if you’re like me and cannot stand the sight of a clipper, then the second method is for you. 

Use gel to taper and make the sides of your hair flat and style the center for a stunning look.

Whichever method you choose, don’t forget it’s all about you.

4. Finger Waves

Finger waves are a great stylish and low maintenance natural hairstyle for short hair. It’s as simple as creating s-shaped waves along your scalp, pin, and let them dry for a glamorous retro vibe.

5. Flat Twists

Flat twists is another chic and elegant way to style your short natural hair.

To achieve the look, start by dividing your hair into sections and twist each section flat against your scalp. You can wear them as it is or unravel for a gorgeous twist-out.

6. Afro Puff

This is an upgrade to the teeny weeny afro.

To style, gather your hair into a high ponytail or puff and add some accessories for extra flair.

7. Defined Wash and Go

Show off those natural curls with a defined wash and go style.

Apply a curl-defining gel or cream to damp hair, scrunch, and let those curls shine!

8. Twist and Curl

Combine twists and curls for a playful and stylish look.

Twist your hair in sections, let them dry, and unravel for gorgeous curls.

9. Headwrap Styles

Headwraps are beautiful accessories for short natural hair.

Wrap a scarf or headwrap around your head, leaving your hairline exposed, and experiment with different styles.

headwrap hairstyle

10. Chunky Twist-Out

With this hairstyle, you can add volume and definition to your natural hair.

How to achieve it;  twist your hair into large sections, let them dry overnight, and unravel for beautiful curls.

11. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a stylish and protective option for short natural hair. 

Divide your hair into sections, twist each section tightly, and wrap it into a knot. Secure with pins or ties and let them set overnight for beautiful curls.

bantu knot hairstyle


There you have it, queens! stylish natural hairstyles for black girls with short hair.

Embrace your beauty, rock your style, and slay every single day. You got this!